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Beauty And The Beast

…a photo of the contemporary yet rustic new lock on the gate of Spencer’s Run.

No entry without fee.

Governor Dannel P. Malloy enforced a statewide ban on motor vehicle travel and pleaded for financial assistance from President Hussein Obama after more than one foot of fresh powder landed on Connecticut.

A travel ban means NO ONE but “emergency response and recovery vehicles, including public safety vehicles, utility vehicles, and vehicles carrying essential personnel or supplies..” are allowed on our public roads.

So, what happened in New Canaan? Well, it snowed.. and our hard-working road crews got out there and plowed the streets. Residents woke up, had their cocoa, grabbed a shovel and cleared a path. By 11am, despite the fact our Governor called 4,000 National Guard troops to enforce 2012 NDAA legislation, New Canaan residents were moving about town, shopping at the market, buying coffee and heading to Waveny Park in droves for some excellent family time in the town park.

Check out this photo during the height of the travel ban:

Hundreds of residents flock to Waveny Park on Saturday to enjoy the winter weather.

An article in the Stamford Advocate titled, ‘State: No tickets issued for travel ban violations’ written by Neil Vigdor quotes a state DOT spokesman, Kevin Nursick, as saying: “This was the single worst snow event that the state of Connecticut has seen in 100 years. If you were out there in those conditions, you were putting your life at risk.”

The reality we saw in Waveny were clear skies and more very content families than could be counted. Good thing coins have two sides.

While some reach for the pen, others reach for the sword.

Eliminating trees seems to be a campaign in New Canaan.
This time it’s not an act of Nature but the work of man wearing Birkenstocks.

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…a few bad apples

The expression “Even a few bad apples will quickly ruin the whole barrel” is based on the simple principal that, as psychologist Roy Baumeister explains in the WSJ article How a Few Bad Apples Ruin Everything:

“Bad is stronger than good.”

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New Canaan’s Family Fourth Celebration this year, 2012, was an explosive success. Despite an early-day threat of rain July 4th, Families quickly filled the Waveny fields to share food and fun with friends and family. What a blast~! What a wonderful setting for the county’s best fireworks display without question.

Here is a short gallery of images from this year’s Family Fourth. The sky provided an amazing backdrop with a fireworks display of it’s own kind as a veritable sea of vehicles blanketed the athletic fields. An amazing sunset set the mood with with fiery schemes and beautiful rays of light.

“It’s important to have each pet and owner recorded in a case of an accident or bad behavior,” Kleinschmitt said.

With little opportunity for public attention, Waveny Park’s mission statement is being rewritten. In a move toward minimizing paperwork, increasing revenue and promoting public safety, New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control Officer, Mary Ann Kleinschmitt, along with a member of the Spencer’s Run Advisory Board, Kit Devereaux, presented a “new system” to the Park and Recreation Commission designed to curb the use of New Canaan’s dog walk. With backing from First Selectman Rob Mallozzi III their first-in-the-state dog park access-restriction plan was approved by a majority vote.

Read New Canaan Advertiser’s article which quotes Devereaux as saying:

 “the real impetus behind the initiative is to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations”

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Only a few trees remain

On February 13th 2012, the effects of destroying the forest of trees, where now exists the barren landscape of Spencer’s Run, is ever apparent.

Did you know that a forest protects itself in more ways than one? Many residents of Fairfield County who have clear-cut New England woodlands to pave way for their exorbitant McMansions realize the effect of leaving but a few trees with each passing storm. Sure, we can complain about the electric company’s performance when our last trees fall across roadways, disabling power lines and halting the flow of traffic, but just like this last tree in Spencer’s Run, most often, the damage is caused by our own actions.  Continue Reading »

Not a good idea

When the small children in the photo below started sledding inside Spencer’s Run, I had to leash up my dogs. We learned, years ago, our dogs like to bite those screaming bullets of fun. For kids and adults, sledding in the presence of our lovable family/home dogs is likely to result in torn winter clothing and 75lb. snowy paw prints all over. Our two sweet doggies have taken down a toboggan full of adults and make quick work of even the fastest flyers.

I didn’t point out the dangers to these responsible parents enjoying frigid family fun this time, but I did leave the video camera rolling to capture the inevitable. As a dog owner and parent of a young sledder I highly advise against sledding inside any dog run. Bringing children into a dog park adds responsibility for their behavior and a risk to their safety. Wrapping them up in fuzzy, furry winter wear and sending them screaming down a hill makes them a target for animal instincts. The fact they ‘got away with it’ this day was against the odds.

Look how gorgeous Waveny Park is early morning!

There’s little more enjoyable than a walk in the New England woods in Autumn. Waveny Park in New Canaan is a great place to capture the beauty of Nature.
Here are two photographs of the Sunrise in November, 2011.

[They’re 1280 x 960. If you click ‘em and download the large image you can set one as your desktop or your phone’s lock screen.]


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